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4 Types of Natural Stone Countertops

Natural Stone Countertops are easy to love. Their timeless style and durability make them a popular choice when designing both commercial and residential locations. If you are considering putting in new Natural Stone Countertops or to update the ones you have, keep reading to find out below.

4 Types of Natural Stone Countertops

1. Granite

Granite Countertops provide an excellent balance of look and sturdiness. The minerals found naturally in the stone add unique depth and character to a room without fading. The durability of granite is also unique, as it is resistant to scratches, heat and staining. In fact, using your knife on a granite countertop will actually dull the blade before damaging the surface.

2. Marble

Quiet and sophisticated, marble is a favorite for upscale interior design. The variation in stripes, shading and markings in this natural stone can create an elegant appearance for any kitchen or bathroom. Since marble can come in contact with acids – such as coffee, citrus or tomato juice – they require some additional maintenance with regular sealing. For many owners, however, these countertops are worth the extra expense and attention.

Natural Stone Countertops

3. Quartzite

Although not technically a natural stone itself, the majority of quartzite countertops are actually constructed from a mixture of ground natural quartz sandstone with a combination of resin and pigments. As a result, these popular countertops offer a wide range of colors that provide an equally sleek, high-end finish. As quartzite counters are non-porous, they do not require sealing. Cleaning and disinfection is simple, as well as quartz is prone to fewer germs and bacteria.

4. Soap

A light to medium neutral gray when untreated, the soapstone becomes a rich, dark charcoal color when treated with mineral oil. It is a favorite countertop material with natural stone designers and homeowners wanting sensible style that is both practical and striking. As dense as non-porous, soapstone is easy to clean and easy to care for. It stands up well for daily use and heat. Although it can be scratched, any surface imperfections can be eliminated or sanded down.

Any of these 4 Natural Stone Countertops would be a beautiful addition to a commercial or residential space for their different qualities, but their similarities are also very compelling. All 4 options are family friendly and hold up well under the normal stresses of daily life. Even better, when you are ready to sell, all add value to the value of your property! Getting out of your kitchen and bathroom is an important option that can affect the look, style and feel of your entire home. View our work gallery and contact us for a professional consultation. We will work with you in every way when choosing and installing your Natural Stone Countertops.


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