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Six Design Ideas for Bathroom Quartz Vanity Tops

One of the best parts of bathroom renovations are design plans that fit your style and countertop materials that provide a great experience every time you use the sink or are ready in the morning. To enhance that experience, it is important to discover the design ideas that make the perfect bathroom. But, in the natural stone world, there are a lot of Natural Stone Countertop materials to choose from. How can you be sure which one is best for you and your lifestyle?

If you are searching for a durable, yet stylish stone, then quartz is an excellent choice for a bathroom vanity top. It has a variety of design patterns that can accept your bathroom vanity while providing a great experience for you. If you want to know more about Quartz Vanity Tops, check out our six design ideas for bathroom vanities that will help build the bathroom of your dreams.

Six Design Ideas for Your Quartz Vanity Tops

Install Contemporary Counter

Some of the best bathroom designs are focused on bringing contemporary edges into the space, no matter what. For instance, a sleek modern bathroom design is a ultimate escape at the end of a long day, with polished white Quartz Countertops and a neutral vanity. Keeping things contemporary with light colors and matching vanities gives the space a more open feel and provides an overall look.

Locate Rustic Vanity Base

A popular trend for bathroom vanities is finding vintage dressers or vanities that provide additional charm. Some that is more outdated, some are annoying at the edges, may provide a different approach to your bathroom design. Using an old vanity creates a quick focal point in your bathroom and gives you the option to choose from a variety of quartz.

Depending on the design of your vanity, you can go with more patterned quartz that will provide a nice contrast with a distressed or vintage vanity. Fortunately, because the design patterns of the quartz are still quite low, they did not take themselves away from the arrogance.

Quartz Vanity Tops

Use Contrasting Colors

Another design idea is using sharp contrasting colors to make a statement. Deep blues, reds or black vanities are a great addition to a small powder room. If you love the appearance of white countertops, but don’t want to keep things too simple with your vanity, a bright or contrasting color vanity is a quick solution to create the bathroom you’re looking for. Alternatively, choose a dark countertop to pair with a white vanity base for the same appeal.

Keep Things Cool

A great design idea that is ideal for a master bath, or a powder room? Gray quartz and other cool color tones. Cool colors will complement any style of bathroom vanity you choose. Solid colors, eye-catching handles, and elaborate faucets all complimented the cool-toned gray and quartz incredibly well. If you are unsure about which direction to take the design of your bathroom, this is an easy strategy that can complement a wide variety of colors or bathroom accessories.

Make More of Them and Their Vanities

Just because you don’t want to share all your counter space, doesn’t mean that you always have to create separate sinks. You can always create auxiliary floating or suspended counter space, which can connect through your natural stone countertops surfaces. Use the further space to install a small drawer or add another countertop. Use extra floor space for laundry baskets, waste bins, or other bathroom items you like around you.

Quartz Countertops is the most durable countertop material you can choose from, so it can withstand any chips, scratches, and extra stress you may need from your vanity. Also, the extra space is a nice touch for a master bath.

Install an Advanced Sync If you are really interested in making a statement with your bathroom vanity, install a raised sink. This sleek edge gives a more modern edge to your bathroom and will look great in small powder rooms where you may not have extra space for exciting features. With some boulders, a smart idea would be to install a Quartz Countertops that has a more subtle design, and richer colors.


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