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What You Need To Know About Granite Countertops

Granite is one of the most durable and dignified stone materials used to make kitchen surfaces. It is an igneous rock formed when molten rock cools, and the rate of cooling, pressure, and temperature of the molten rock provide a variety of appearances and determine the density of this stone. Due to its wide variety of colours, granite can be integrated into any type of kitchen decoration. Granite Countertops can give your kitchen an exceptional look. Its uniqueness, high quality, and versatility make it an expensive addition to your kitchen. To get the most out of these countertops you have installed, you will need to know a thing or two about choosing, maintaining, and installing Granite Countertops.

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Granite Countertop

You should always consider the type of granite that is used to make your countertop. Your budget primarily determines the type of Granite Countertops you will have in your kitchen. This is because there are several types of granite stones, each priced differently depending on its unique and natural design pattern. The most expensive granite is the one with a non-repeating color pattern known as “movement.”

Always consider the substances used to treat the granite that is used to make your countertop. Some substances change the colour of granite over time, while others react with granite to create a very unpleasant “cloudy” appearance. You should also choose a colour that suits your kitchen. You can check if your granite has been artificially stained by rubbing some nail polish on the surface of your countertop. Be sure to test the quality of the stone. You can perform a simple test by pouring lemon juice on your countertop. The desirable varieties of granite will take more than a minute to stain. If the stone soaks up the lemon juice quickly and its color darkens, you should cover your Granite Countertops with a good sealer.

Granite Countertops

Granite Countertop Installation

Unless you are experienced, it is not recommended that you install the granite yourself. Your dealer can recommend a qualified installation contractor or can include a professional installation as part of the purchase price. You should always inspect the stone before installing it. This allows you to locate any problems such as cracks and stains.

Granite Countertop Maintenance

Although they are not as porous as marble, they still need to be sealed to maintain their overall appearance. It is always a good idea to ask your supplier about the appropriate PH type of sealer and cleaning fluids for the type of granite you are using. Although most of these types of countertops need to be sealed and polished every three years, you should always ask the dealer how often to polish and seal your countertops. Due to its dense nature, it is not necessary to seal all types of Granite Countertops. Never, for any reason, should you use your Granite Countertops as a substitute for a cutting board. With proper care, you will find that your countertops are an attractive and functional option for your kitchen.


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