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10 Benefits of Quartz Countertops

There are many reasons to choose quartz for your new countertops (cost, form etc.). We are sharing 10 benefits of Quartz Countertops and choosing quartz here!

If you want to remodel your kitchen, you probably want to upgrade your countertop. Depending on what you’ve had in the past, you may be partial to certain content.

Some people just love stainless steel. Others like marble. Others may still want some type of composite. But one category often remains on the list is quartz.

But why would you like Quartz because you can resist whatever you have. Let’s see the incredible benefits of Quartz.

1. Hygiene Is One of the Amazing Benefits of Quartz

You can scratch your head right now, trying to figure out what a Quartz Countertops has to do with cleanliness. Don’t worry. We were doing the same as soon as we heard.

But unlike your typical tile countertops or anything that requires grout-lines; Quartz has a subtle restriction that protects it from germs.

It is also an easy surface to clean. And you never have to see it unlike marble and granite.

2. Quartz Is Non-Porous

Quartzis made of 93% quartz & 7% resins, polymers and a variety of pigments. This is why they are non-porous.

In contrast, marble and granite have capillaries that run through each slab. If you spill something that is spread over covered marble or granite, you will find that it can flow into the countertop. This stain will be impossible to remove.

3. Quartz Is Easy To Maintain

We have already established that quartz does not need to be remodelled like marble and granite.

And if you take care of your quartz by cleaning the splits as soon as possible, there is no need for any other maintenance.

One of the surprising advantages of quartz is that it is beautiful and intact with minimal effort on your part. It also makes great for an outdoor kitchen where the weather can tear off any other countertop material.

4. Quartz Is Stronger Than Most Anything

You can tuck your pots and pans all around on your Quartz Countertops and never have to worry about anything. It does not scratch, ding or crack unless you use a sledgehammer.

As we mentioned earlier it is made up of 93% natural quartz. It is an almost pure stone with no air pockets, internal deficiencies, or cracks. And the resin binder is almost bulletproof.

You did not find better and stronger materials than quartz for your countertops.

Quartz Countertops - Absolute Stone Design USA

5. Quartz Color Is Consistent

And it is compatible all the way.

Do you know that granite can be dyed? The core of granite can still be gray, while at least half an inch is of different color. It differs from the clear resin protective coating. It is an actual dye or paint that falls into the stone.

Of course, not all granite are fraudulently dyed. You can buy Granite Countertops that are of absurd quality.

But, one of the great perquisites of quartz is that what you see on the surface is inside. The slab is homogeneous all the way. And includes color. So, if, it is ever forbidden, you chip the counter, you don’t have an ugly mark that is a different color.

6. Quartz Will Always Show How You Order

Since Quartz Countertops are built rather than cut in stone, you will always receive what you ordered and will be charged as quoted.

A custom marble or granite manufacturer may deal with an additional charge to cut around a defect. But with engineered quartz, there are no defects. A blemish would be the fault of the manufacturer. They cannot put it on nature.

You will always have the color, pattern and texture that you want.

7. Quartz Countertop Cleaning is Easy

All you need is mild soap and really a washcloth. Other countertops may require a special soap or additional sealant. Not Quartz! This is one of the many benefits of quartz.

How facile is it to clean your Quartz Countertops? Take some non-abrasive materials such as a soft sponge or dishcloth and some gentle dish soap. Then wipe the counter. You want to use stone polish once every once in a while to maintain shine.

8. Quartz Is Comparatively Inexpensive

You probably have a budget for remodelling your kitchen. If you don’t and you have all the money to spend in the world, you will still save on something else versus quartz.

The biggest advantage of quartz is that it is inexpensive (when compared to high level granite). Exotic granite is much more expensive due to its rarity. Granite also has to be cut from massive blocks to get the right size for your countertop. It adds to the price.

With Quartz, you won’t have to compromise if you have a large kitchen for remodels. However, the price of engineered quartz can vary widely depending on the brand.

Quartz Countertops - Absolute Stone Design USA

9. Quartz Is Scratch Resistant

Although it is not strength of diamond, it is a stronger material than granite. Granite can scratch, especially if not sealed correctly.

But quartz will tolerate your random cooking methods and the punishment of babbling kids. Sometimes you don’t want to worry about scratches in your counter top while cooking. With stainless steel, you need to get out from scratch. With granite, you have to scrape down the scratches.

It is rare that you will have to do anything for a Quartz Countertops to remove scratches.

10. Quartz Form Is Contemporary

You want your kitchen to be as updated as possible. When you can go for an older style, keeping your kitchen in the 21st century and possibly your ROI will increase in this decade.

And quartz will help you consider your kitchen. It can be cut along smooth straight lines and offset any stability well.


If you are looking for tough, contemporary countertops, quartz will be your best bet. Many drawbacks exist in buying quartz on granite or marble. You will have breakfast every morning, loving your decision.

If you want to update or remodel your kitchen, give us a call on 757-465-5363. We will make sure your countertops look amazing!


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Absolute Stone Design USA specializes in the manufacture and installation of unique natural and engineered stone products and accessories. No matter what your project is, we will work with you or your designer whoever calls your plans.

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