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Guide of Countertops Installation for your Kitchen

Countertops Installation - Absolute Stone Design USA
Countertops Installation

Purchasing the perfect kitchen countertop is the first piece of the puzzle in your kitchen makeover quest. The next hurdle comes when you actually need to get it installed. How are Countertops Installation, might be the million-dollar question on your mind. It might even appear like a daunting task but we are here for you.

With the step by step instructions we have provided in our informative guide, you will soon discover that kitchen countertops installation is not exactly rocket science. It is a fairly simple (but not easy) task that you can accomplish with the right guidance.

Making the Choice

Intuitively speaking, you need to start off by deciding what kind of kitchen countertop you really want. As we already know those kitchen countertops are available in a plethora of materials, colours, finishes, patterns, textures etc. You can go visit the kitchen showroom or take the online route to ascertain your options. An expert might help you Countertops Installation with the decision if you are unsure of all the variety that you might witness in the market. The countertop installation cost will depend on your final choice.

Measure Up

Now comes the time where either you or your Countertop Professional measures the space taken by the existing countertop, cabinets etc. carefully marking the spots where the sink, plug points and the faucets lie. In case of natural stones like marble or granite,, you will have to consult a professional for the cutting. After it is back from the cutting, you can lay it on the cabinet base, aligning the base nicely and ensuring that it is level. Make sure that the sink’s hole fits perfectly outside the boundaries of the sink.

Prep for the Countertops Installation

You might need to remove the existing countertop to take precise measurements. This is very important in the final cutting and fitting of the countertop. In case your countertop includes a sink, do not make the mistake of installing the countertop first. Doing so can hinder the sink installation by a large extent. Also, disconnect all the plumbing fixtures prior to the installation process.

Fitting the Sink

Start off by drilling a hole for the faucet all the way in the counter using either a whole saw or a regular drill. What is important to keep in mind here is that the hole must not be bigger than the faucet. Then drill the other holes for the anchors and the brackets. All this will depend on the measurement of the sink. The next step is to add a layer of adhesive materials like silicone around the edges of the sink hole in the counter at the point where the sink connects with the countertop from the bottom. Sometimes a layer of plywood is also added on top of the cabinets to help support the weight of the Countertops Installation. Fix the sink in place and then add the anchors and screws for the brackets (if they are being used at all). This time around, the faucet will go through the hole that you had drilled initially. You can add the adhesive here too and make sure fasten the faucet from below.

Installing the Countertop

Ample support for the countertop is crucial before you start installing it. In the absence of a proper cabinet base, support beams and support ledges below the edges of the countertop are used. Some countertops are thinner than the others and might require an extra layer or coat of protection. You can use adhesive caulk for this purpose and apply it on the top side of the cabinets. Now you can put the counter in place. In case you witness any joints, don’t forget to seal them with filler or a sealant that exactly matches the colour of the countertop. You can also use a painting tape for the same.

Finishing Touches

Make sure to connect all the water lines with the faucets after the Countertops Installation is done. Usually, professionals use adhesive for connecting the wall with the faucet. You can check it finally by turning on the tap and letting some water flow. If something is leaking, you can always tighten the loose part.


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