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Simple Guidance for You in Granite Vanity Tops

The majority of real estate agents will have the same opinion that the most important rooms to look at for renovation before selling your home are the bathroom and kitchen, both with countertops. When there are plans to renovate these rooms, especially bathrooms, you can toy with the notion of installing Granite Vanity Tops. However, before making a final decision, keep in mind the advantages and disadvantages of this natural stone.

Granite bathroom countertops are long-lasting, with a level of hardness and resistance that is rated only after diamonds. Unlike tile variants, you do not have to be concerned about heavy objects falling or the condition of the accessories fitted with your countertop. If you are going to install this stone in the kitchen, then you obviously want to install the cutting board; nevertheless, it is not really necessary. You should not hesitate to gently cut fruits and vegetables on the counter itself if it is hygienic, even if your knife is sharpened over time.

In a bathroom, it is likely that several types of liquid will spill over the Granite Vanity Tops one to two times per week. With these natural stones, if you notice an immediate fall, it is easily erased. Then again, counters made of wood will absorb liquids very quickly and there will be a thin mortar in between the counters covered with tiles, making it difficult to detect sporadic traces between joints.

Granite Vanity Tops
Granite Vanity Tops

What Will Granite Vanity Tops Be Like In The Next Years

Not unlike other varieties of stones, granite is supplied in a wide range of finishes, so you can search for a Granite Countertops that goes well with the interior decoration of your bathroom. Another advantage is that the stone never has a solid color. When you opt for granite bathroom countertops, you are always going for multiple colors in a slab, for example blue, black and off-white. For your information, you will choose from thousands of granite tones.

Even though some disagree, Granite Vanity Tops are highly searched by buyers of houses. If you are wondering whether to remodel your bathroom or kitchen with such counter tops, one reason for them to go is to sell it in the future when you make up your mind so there will be more demand for your accommodation. These vanity tops are currently in great demand and it is expected that this demand will remain the same for a long time.

Coming to the disadvantage, while granite bathroom countertops can be seen simply by rubbing if noticed immediately, it can also be problematic if it is not detected rapidly. Even if you can get your stone sealed, many households prefer to go through that option, indicating that the stone is in its natural form and has minuscule holes. Therefore, you need to secure your vanity every 6 months with getting an effective sealant at your nearby home improvement shop.

Granite is still expensive and many homeowners find it difficult to afford it. However, some online suppliers offer these countertops at very reasonable prices. Just find one such supplier on the internet and save your money!


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